The Current Market

Retail apps simply haven’t enjoyed the popularity they should have.

With shopping being one of the most common, day-to-day activities it is surprising that there are only a handful of successful apps – Amazon and eBay are the few success stories, and even their success isn’t rooted in recognisable retail brands.

Our analysis shows that there is a complex picture of multiple factors that has influenced the take up of mobile technology in the retail sector, and therefore any solution that doesn’t resolve these factors is unlikely to succeed. Furthermore, this complexity means that even a well-resourced brand developing their own app is likely to struggle.

When asked about their motivation for downloading a retail, hospitality or Food and Beverage app, the most common is to access discounts or offers (49%).

The next reason is to complete a purchase they already had in mind (37%), whilst 34% said they only downloaded an app to get a specific reward.

The Solution – Tdazy

Unifying the Digital and Physical Worlds

Capturing the Ghost Consumer

Utilising voucher passing, ticket scanning and social engagement, the ghost consumer interacts with your brand

Uptake Through Social Engagement

Previously literally impossible to capture, ghost consumers have been a major issue to brands.  Social sharing by the user to their contacts, captures another installation

Gaining Extra Brand Coverage

Driving your brand to a wide audience is now easier than ever before with the viral tendencies of consumers

Users Become Your Brands Marketers

With social sharing of vouchers, adverts, discounts and marked down seats at events, the users become your personal viral marketers, gaining far more coverage than costly adverts and media publications

Last Minute Vouchers

Direct last minute campaigns, vouchers and timed tokens to users local to your store, event or eatery

The Journey From Passive to Active Sales Capture

Location based services and active panels provide the real last minute solution to fill seats, sell stock or cover a slow period, with timed vouchers, directed to viable consumers

Compliant Advertising to Consumers

Know your consumers and what they want to receive, without invading the privacy

Balancing the Desire to Engage Against GDPR

Unique masking solutions mean that the consumer’s identity and personal details are not available, whilst providing the most powerful targeting solution for vouchers, adverts and engagement

Know Consumer Footfall

Plan your day to learn and match that of your expected consumer count, proactively advertising to suit

Consumers Plan Their Day in Advance

Users planning their entire day are looking for vouchers, sales and events.  You are able to proactively push notifications when a user is preparing to visit your area, capturing their attention, even days before they attend

Reduce Stock and Space

Consumers can opt to buy and accept deliveries in advance when planning their day, your brand can take advantage

Consumers Can Opt to Have Purchases Delivered

Consumers happy to buy and receive their purchase by delivery provides the ability to reduce stock, increase last minute manufacturing and decrease square footage of retail spaces, or allow for more options

Multiple Advertising Possibilities

Active Brand Skinning

The ability to provide a personalised experience is one of the key requirements of consumers – so long as the experience is useful.  Tdazy provides the ability for large establishments including shopping malls, venues and stadiums to skin the app when the consumer is visiting.

The moment the user decides to visit, they are presented with a personalised experience matching your brand and exclusive notifications.  This alone provides the solution to the user deleting branded apps, using one app but with a chameleon experience.

Proactive Engagement

Tdazy brings a whole new world of consumer engagement to your business.  The ability to use timed vouchers and adverts, not only pushed to the correct consumer profile, but also to ensure they are within a range suitable to use or interact with the campaign delivers maximum exposure to brands.  Also, using people to share vouchers through incentives and immediate kudos points bring the ghost consumer to your radar.

  • Delivery of vouchers to people who are within a specific distance

  • Timed vouchers to bring people to events with empty seats

  • Adverts directed to people visiting your area that day

  • Notifications as a person passes your establishment

  • Offer vouchers to people who share or are super sharers

Live Statistics and Campaigns

Track Consumer Movement, Voucher Uptake and Setup Campaigns From Anywhere

Live statistics and campaign data is delivered directly from our cloud based interface and can be easily integrated into CRM systems such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM via API or the App Exchange.

Ease of tracking during any campaign, including uptake, storage of vouchers and number of accept versus reject helps to build the perfect campaign time and time again.

  • Integration with leading CRM and financial systems

  • Powerful live analytics and statistics

  • Plan, deploy and monitor campaigns

  • Calculate return on investment live

  • Integrate with external campaign managers

Who Are We

Leaders in Retail and Technology

When leaders of two worlds clash, it usually ends up very messy!  However, Tdazy was different, a chance to make a change to the world of retail and the consumers it relies upon.  A perfect migration from the digital world into the physical, through the creation of a framework delivering the power of digital advertising and retail to the physical world.

Tdazy has been developed with one of the most powerful artificial intelligence algorithms and with security of the user at the forefront during every stage.  A unique method for protecting the user profile, but ensuring perfection of targeting for the brand.

Our team are some of the most prolific in the app world, with multiple award winning solutions already in other sectors.  The injection of retail, hospitality and eatery expertise has created the perfect storm – Tdazy.

Ready for a Change? Let’s Talk – Tdazy!